Tender Matching Service

Match your business capabilities with tender
opportunities that best position you to WIN

It's not about alerting you to any opportunity, it's about finding you the right opportunity.
When is comes to delivering you tenders, less really is more!

Our Tender Matching Service. Positioning you to find the tenders you're more likely to win.
Your Tender Matching Resource. Technology-driven to find the right tenders quickly and accurately

Let’s face it, when you suit up to play, you want to win.  That’s why you want AndyBot on your team.  He’s trained to alert you to the best tender opportunities, based on what you tell him fits your strategy.  The more you tell him what, where or how you want to compete, the more refined his searches become to deliver viable tender opportunities you can win.

Targeted Opportunities?

Above & Below Threshold?

Soon to Expire Contracts?



YES, that’s STANDARD for what we do, PLUS a whole lot more. And all for one low monthly price.

Set Up A Team

Include multiple users to help manage your tenders.  Set up Teams through the Supplier Social Network.

Unlimited Users

Invite as many users as you want to play on your team…it doesn’t matter, it’s the same low monthly price.

Unlimited Profiles

Multiple Team members can manage different types of tenders with the use of unlimited tender profiles.

Join Unlimited Teams

Sub-contracting or working as a consultant? Join another company’s team by invitation through the Supplier Social Network.  It’s about Community! We don’t restrict our users from lending another Member a helping hand.

Train Your Tenders

Mark the tenders AndyBot delivers with a green or red light, it’s that simple. As he continues to seek opportunities, he’ll use that information to train your searches to become more targeted and accurate.

Multiple Sources

Our technology allows us to access both above- and below- threshold tenders published from multiple sources. You don’t have to sort through all of them – AndyBot will do that for you – but rest assured that we believe in having them all accessible to search on our site.

Advanced LOTS

SMEs have the best chance of winning large tenders that are broken into LOTS (smaller, separate contracts). AndyBot uses advanced technology to identify the best LOT opportunities that match your strategy.

Manage Notifications

Control the timing and frequency of your tender notifications. Once a day? Once a week?  It’s totally up to you.

Advanced Search

People just love to search, that’s why we provide an advanced search for those users who really want to get deep and dirty. Don’t just search by title, search by company, deadline etc, and train more tenders as you search.

Tender Management

Manage the status of multiple bids as you evaluate opportunities in the pipeline.  Mark them as pending review for other team members, green-light them to start the bid process, even mark them as “won” so they can be archived for review to better refine future bids.

The Bench

For tenders where you want the entire team to decide if you should bid or not, just put them on the bench.

Add Notes

Add unlimited notes to a particular tender and share them across your team to get everyone on the same page.

Community Help

The Supplier Social Network is here to help you. Whether you have issues with a particular tender or questions related to tendering in general, post your problem into a Group and ask for help. It why the network exists.

Extended Support

Visit The Tourist Information Centre to access videos and “how-to” help to navigate The TenderHood.  Paid members accessing the playing field receive unlimited customer chat.

Archived Profiles

We’ll save your search profiles – even if you cancel your membership. If you decide to come back (of course you will!), you can pick up exactly where you left off.

Awesome eh? What are you waiting for? Let's win some tenders!