How to sign up

How to sign up to The TenderHood in less than 2 minutes

Navigating the TenderHood is easy. Let us step you through how to start your journey.


Become a TenderHood Resident

Our Supplier Social Network. Building relationships to build more business.

Become a local in the Pub for FREE.  Start connecting with like minded people and companies. Invite others, create connections, form Groups, participate in Forums.

This is the gateway to your journey and will always be free.

(It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up and start connecting)


Become a Player

Our Tender Matching Service. Positioning you to find the tenders you're more likely to win.

Once you’ve become a Resident, you can sign up to access the Playing Field with a paid “Player” membership (free for the first two weeks). This is where AndyBot (our Machine Learning technology) will work his magic.

Set up your Team with “Scouting Report” profiles to search and match tenders based on your business objectives. Get full access to every tender with unlimited users and multiple tender profiles.

Your Tender Matching Resource. Technology-driven to find the right tenders quickly and accurately

For more information on the differences between our FREE and Paid memberships head on over to our pricing page.