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The TenderHood Tools

Leveraging integrated, technology-driven tools to eliminate the expensive and time-consuming approach to finding meaningful business.

What is The TenderHood?

Supplier Social Network

Our Supplier Social Network. Building relationships to build more business.

The Pub is where it all happens; where connections are made and opportunities are shared. Our Supplier-centric Social Network is fully loaded, just like LinkedIn and Facebook, but dedicated to communications related to U.K. public procurement .

Your Tender Matching Resource. Technology-driven to find the right tenders quickly and accurately

At the core of The TenderHood is that little bit of magic called “AndyBot”.  AndyBot represents our machine learning technology that matches accurate tender opportunities to your business strategy. Think of AndyBot like a football manager, putting your business in the right position on the playing field to have the best chance of winning.

Tender Matching Service

Our Tender Matching Service. Positioning you to find the tenders you're more likely to win.

The Playing Field is your access to tender opportunities.  It’s where AndyBot kicks in to understand the kind of business you’re looking for and deliver you tenders that match your profile. The more you interact with AndyBot, the more accurate your tender results become.

Why use The TenderHood?

SME Focused

We’re a small business too, so we know what it’s like to work with limited resources.  Our tools are designed to save time and money when it comes to identifying and bidding on government contracts.

We believe less is more.  We want to match you with tenders you can win, not waste your time on tenders you can’t.

Unlimited Resources

One low monthly membership fee gives you access to unlimited users and unlimited tender profiles. We don’t believe in putting road blocks in the way of success. We’re about leveraging all you can to face the challenges and win more business.

A Community to Lean On

We think one of the best way for SMEs to win in the public sector is through partnerships, sub-contracts and smarter use of LOTS.  Our free Supplier Social Network connects you to a Community where you can establish the relationships you need to help you win business.

How does The TenderHood work?


Join the network

Join the Supplier Social Network for FREE and start connecting with like minded people and companies.


Get a team membership

Get full access to every tender with unlimited users and multiple tender profiles.


Train your tenders

Use our simple traffic light system to indicate if a tender is a good match or not. AndyBot learns and refines your search with more accurate tenders that meet your criteria.


Work to your capacity

Spend time on tenders you can win, not a bunch that don’t match your qualifications. Our recommendations are based on a review of hundreds of thousands of tenders that are matched to your specific profile.

Our network is FREE and always will be!