The Rec Room

The Rec Room is where you go to have some fun and get some sanity back. Download our Community Battle mobile game, check out our wellness series, or get in physical shape with Onnit.

The TenderHood Rec Room

We got game!

Listen. Bidding for tenders, managing tenders, and all the other things that go with it is hard work. When you are dealing with government buyers you need to find time to breath, do a sanity check and look after yourself. That’s why we have a Rec Room, to help you decompress and have a little fun.

The TenderHood Community Battle - Play our free mobile game

The very first mobile game in Public Procurement! Battle it out with enemy ships and get the points required to build your TenderHood. If you do succeed, there may just be a little give for you at the end.

Get it on Google Play

iOS Coming Soon...

Look After Your Wellness

Jill Watson, founder of The Live Well series knows just too well how stressful working in public procurement is. Jill worked with Dave, our very own Mayor at Millstream for over 7 years before setting up her own business. Now she shares with us some great ways to look after your mental health.

Look After Your Body

There is only one of you, so look after yourself. Onnit provide some fantastic training courses at an amazingly low price to help you get in shape. The healthier you are physically, the more energy and lasting power you will have to stay in the game as you try to win tenders in the public sector.