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Supplier Social Network

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A social network dedicated to U.K. public procurement

Our Supplier Social Network. Building relationships to build more business.

Membership Profiles
Forum Discussions
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Oh, and it’s also your platform to continue to drive change in the way you do business (we almost forgot that one!)

(It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up and start connecting)

Tender Matching Service

£29.99 a month

A tender matching service – the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

Our Tender Matching Service. Positioning you to find the tenders you're more likely to win.

AI-driven Tender Searches
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Tender Profiles
Tender Management
LOTS Identification
Simple User Interface
Cancel Anytime

Your Tender Matching Resource. Technology-driven to find the right tenders quickly and accurately

“Already a Member? Help Me, Help You”

Frequently asked questions

Can I really cancel anytime?

Of course. We know what life is like running a business. You can leave and come back as often as you like. Just remember the more you train your tenders the more accurate they become.

How many users does my membership allow?

Add as many users as you like to your paid membership. You can also create as many tender profiles as you like (some businesses like to have a designated profile for each user). The only requirement is that your users have access to the social network.

Can I view tenders as part of the free Social Network?

Sorry, our Playing Field is for paid memberships only. This is where our machine learning happens – and we feel AndyBot deserves to make a living. But hey, at only £29.99 a month for unlimited users and unlimited tenders, it’s a pretty easy decision right?

How we compare

We are confident we offer more functionality with fewer limitations at a fairer price than the tender alert services currently out there.  Plus our Supplier Social Network is FREE forever.

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Convince your boss

Do you have a manager who might need a bit more persuasion to join The TenderHood Community? Check out our email template to give them a little nudge in the right direction.

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