Common Procurement Vocabulary

The Mayors Music Madness

Every 2 weeks in our blog, Dave our Mayor of The TenderHood is going to bring you a classic dance tune from the 90’s, perhaps…

AI-driven Tender Searches

Artificial Intelligence (AI) looks at the content and context of a published tender to better match opportunities to business capabilities

Town Council

The TenderHood remains under construction, and we’d like to invite you to join us in developing our road map.

Tender Matching Service

Less is more. Unlike other tender alert services that alert you to a bunch of possibilities you still have to sort through, we match tenders…

Supplier Social Network

A fully loaded social network (like LinkedIn or Facebook), but solely dedicated to supporting Suppliers in U.K. public procurement.


Small and medium- sized enterprises Micro: < 10 employees or turnover up to €2 million Small: < 50 employees or turnover up to €10 million…

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that uses context, patterns and meaning to categorize data. It’s way more efficient and accurate than…


Contracts can often be divided up into “lots”, which are like smaller, separate contracts. Dismissing large contracts outright could mean missing out on a great…

Tender Profiles

A tender profile directs AndyBot to go find the tenders that match your business strategy. We allow you to create unlimited profiles as part of…