Fun fun fun… in public procurement… are these guys serious?

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“Where people aren’t having fun, they seldom produce good work.” – David Ogilvy

Bidding on tenders isn’t always fun! What does that even mean? What gives us the right to even make a statement like that? Is it just because my previous boss was terrible, or that we didn’t have a pool table in the staff room??? No, it’s because it’s NOT FUN spending a ton of money and wasting a bunch of time bidding on tenders you’re not going to win. It’s also no fun trawling through hundreds of tenders each day trying to decide which one is the best fit for your business. Existing tender alert services don’t use the right technology to find you the right tenders, and by right I mean the ones you can win! I challenge any of our competitors to prove us wrong, and I promise you they can’t! (Told you we are up for the fight!)

Add to that the current pandemic situation and the impact that’s having on our mental health, and you can start to understand why we’re such strong believers in having some fun as you go on your procurement journey through The TenderHood. That’s why The Rec Room was one of the first buildings on our Map.

(There will be a cheesy classic dance tune with every blog, so if you don’t have Spotify head on over and put that right)

But also believe me when I say we are very serious about what we do. We are an SME, a start-up trying to fight against the big boys. We have put our life savings into this business and taken loans to pay our first full-time employee. We are putting it all on the line to build something special to help others like us, because we know how hard it is. But believe me, we are certainly going to enjoy the ride.

The public sector landscape is changing shape

According to Gartner, office capacity in the public sector is going to be capped at 40% in 2021. This means that at least 60% of public sector workers are going to be working from home. This brings with it a vast range of issues. Zoom Fatigue, Pandemic Weight Gain, and of course that general lack of motivation topped with the anxiety that you are not quite doing enough.  These are all real concerns that many of us are experiencing.

Office Capacity in 2021

However, anxiety about automation may be coming to an end. In an interesting article on this topic, Sascha Giese observes;

With tightening budgets and other pandemic-induced operational challenges, public sector organisations and tech teams will have no choice but to fully embrace automation to optimise environments and reduce the time spent on monotonous tasks.

With this kind of shift, there’s no better time to align yourself with an awesome software solution that saves time and money finding tender opportunities, backed up with some good old-fashioned fun.

What does fun look like at work?

We talked in a previous post about your business culture (not the one about Tinder, although that is fun too). Research shows us that a fun office atmosphere actually promotes a culture of learning.

  • Studies have determined that permitting employees to have fun at work makes them likely to perform better at their jobs.
  • Work learning is more likely to happen alongside co-workers instead of in a regimented classroom setting.
  • Create fun at work by encouraging socialization. Arrange for happy hours, corporate fun days and pizza nights, (or, in COVID-19 times: virtual movie nights, quiz nights or general hangouts where people can spend times safely with their peeps)

This comes from a great article in the Business News Daily, which also has some insight into a scientific study on the relationship between fun in the workplace and informal learning. It’s real, folks!

In another great post by The Wellbeing Thesis, they state:

“Relaxing and social breaks have been found to be particularly beneficial. A relaxing break can help to facilitate recovery, by returning your mental and psychical functional systems to their baseline. Additionally, a relaxing break can help to reset your mood, thereby promoting positive wellbeing and reducing stress.”

So What's in this Rec Room?

We wanted to create a space where our Residents and Players could come to let their hair down and chill for a few minutes. Our entire brand is lighthearted because of The Map and our friendly little robots, but we are very aware that SMEs are giving it 100% all day, every day. The Rec Room is where you can come and take a breather. There’s lots of proof that taking a break can be very beneficial for you and your work.

The Rec Room is where you go to have some fun and get some sanity back. Download our Community Battle mobile game, check out our wellness series, or get in physical shape with Onnit.

The world's first procurement mobile game

The TenderHoods very own Yoga Instructor

Awesome fitness with our health partner Onnit

Meet yourself where you are!


There are stories all over the world right now that inspire us, reminding us what is really important and how to prioritize what we want our lives to look like. One that stands out for me in particular is the guy who is not spending all day on zoom anymore.

As a recently certified Mental Health First Aider (completed my course last week, whoop whoop), I’m now really focused on making sure my team look after themselves mentally and physically, and this is something we want to pass on to our Residents and Players too.

Having fun while you work is not slacking off or wasting time, it’s about resetting yourself to get back in the saddle and go again.

Fun activities are significantly related to learning, recuperation, and improved performance in your job. So go on, check out the video in our Travel Guide and have some fun!

have some fun

What changes do you see coming to the public sector? Do you have any tips on how to have fun at work? What would you like to see The TenderHood doing to make your life as an SME in public procurement easier? Use the comments field below.

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  1. An interesting article – the media have spent 14 months convincing businesses to reduce office capacity but now they have moved to the damage working alone causes to mental health.
    Having worked in isolation for almost 15 years the isolation isn’t the issue, the lack of personal discipline of home based workers.

    Zoom fatigue is hilarious because when in an office most of the time is spent interacting on the phone.

    The primary reason for the loss of fun is the staff interaction, so to those who have staff at home, encourage them schedule at least 4 office days a month. Put on an event a month, training or reward. Bring the fun back without the overhead.