Tender Matching Service Vs Tender Alert Service

Just because you see it, doesn't make it a good match.

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With limited resources, SMEs need accurate tender matching, not a bunch of alerts

There are multiple tender alert services out there, but they just don’t cut the mustard. Why? They rely on humans to do the categorization for you (slow and inaccurate), or they use simple database matching technology (outdated and inaccurate).  Sure, they can identify a bunch of tenders for you, but are they tenders that your business can actually win?

You need to find tenders that match your capabilities.

We use up-to-date machine learning technology to accurately match your business strategy to tender opportunities you’re more likely to win.

Less is more

"Never miss the RIGHT tender"

“Never miss an opportunity”?  Bollocks.  How are you going to do that if your tender alert service “opportunities” don’t align with what you do?  The TenderHood gives you the ability to refine your search – “green light” the tenders that fit your strategy and capabilities, “red light” the ones that don’t.  We’ll use that information on subsequent searches to deliver more relevant tenders that match your criteria.  Don’t waste time sorting through hundreds of alerts.  Let The TenderHood’s technology do the work and find you the right opportunities that you can actually win.

Business Matching

It's so much more than just categories

The TenderHood’s search technology isn’t limited by categories.  AndyBot, our machine learning tool, reviews the actual content of published tenders to alert you to those that more accurately match your Business Profile(s).  And yes – your business can have more than one profile to allow for multiple teams and multiple search strategies.

SMEs Are Different

There are some tenders you can't win

Let’s face it.  As an SME, if you haven’t been in business long enough, sold to government before, or generated the right turnover…there are certain public contracts that aren’t worth your time to consider. Those other alert services won’t tell you that.  Our Tender Matching Service considers these factors to actually identify opportunities where your business can compete. We’ll alert you to partnerships, sub-contracts or LOTS based on your business profile, to put you on a level playing field to win.