SME Opportunities

Targeted Opportunities to Help SMEs Win

The TenderHood identifies subcontracts, partnerships and LOTs - key opportunities that SMEs can actually win

The road to winning public sector tenders is full of obstacles.
The TenderHood Map can guide you toward the right opportunities.


A Collaborative Social Network

The benefits of partnerships can be long-term and extend far beyond bidding for a single contract.  Use our Supplier-centric Social Network to identify potential synergies with like-minded Suppliers to bid on contracts that you can’t fulfill on your own

Sub Contracts

Become a Part of Something Bigger

Even if higher value public contracts go to large companies, SMEs can play a role in these contracts as sub-contractors.  AndyBot (our Machine Learning tool) can easily identify sub-contracting opportunities published within larger contract notices, providing you with more targeted opportunities to bid on.


Access to Broader Participation

A large contract can be divided into smaller, separate contracts to be awarded and performed by a number of different Suppliers.  AndyBot can identify tender opportunities for one or multiple LOTS contained within a single contract notice, opening up possibilities to bid that simple category searches might have missed.

What are you waiting for? Become a Player in The TenderHood and start finding meaningful opportunities that you can bid on and win.