Our Tender Alert Notification Options

You Choose When and Where You Get Your Tender Alerts


We know how SMEs run their businesses, it's all over the shop and all the time. We let you choose when you would like to get your tender alerts and on which devices.


The AndyBot App

Alerts on the go

On the move? (Or not?) Our IOS and Android apps are free to download and can send alerts right to your device.

Get it on Google Play

iOS Coming Soon…


Alerts in your inbox

It might be old, but email still works. Get a summary of the tenders AndyBot has matched for you right to your inbox.


Alerts as you use the website

As you play in The TenderHood you won’t miss a thing either. Our built-in notification service will alert you to new tenders.



I want them now

You can get tenders AndyBot matches to your scouting profiles within 1 hour of us picking them up.


Once a day will do

If you don’t want constant alerts but you don’t want to wait too long, then daily notifications are for you.


I have a day for that

If you would rather grab a coffee and set some time aside on a special day of the week, then weekly alerts are for you.

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