Convince Your Boss

Need help convincing your boss?

Feel excited but not sure your boss will buy into it? Use our template below to do a bit of crafty convincing.

Dear Awesome Boss,

It’s me, your favorite employee! I’m writing to share two important points with you. First, you are the best boss ever, in the history of the planet Earth, bar none, hands down, no discussion, amen. I know you already know this, but I just wanted to make it clear.

Second, there’s a new tender matching service I think you ought to know about. This new service is just what our company needs to save money, get leaner, crush our competition without mercy, and pull ahead of the pack! 

As you know, our business depends on tenders, but getting the right tenders delivered to us can be a real pain. Tender alert services are expensive AF! (Can I say AF to my boss? Never mind, I just did. It doesn’t count as swearing because it’s only initials. If you said the words out loud in your head, that’s on you).

Another problem is that sometimes we get a bunch of tenders sent to us that aren’t even relevant. What’s up with that???? And there are so many of them we don’t even have time to vet them!! Why would we want to pay exorbitant sums every month just to get sent the wrong tenders? Rhetorical question, boss. Don’t bother answering that. Let me answer it for you! The answer is: we wouldn’t.

Yet another issue with our current tender alert service: they rely on humans. Humans! They get paid to sit there and go through tenders one by one! What is this, World War II? Sometimes they’re actually printed out ON PAPER! I can’t even believe I’m saying these things, but they’re true. 

So, that’s the problem. Now here’s the solution.

There’s a great new service that I absolutely need to tell you about right now. It’s called The TenderHood. Instead of relying on human judgment, it uses computers. COMPUTERS! (I know, right?) 

The TenderHood offers us a lot of advantages over our current service.  The main one is this: they have an Artificial Intelligence-driven alert service (called “AndyBot”) that we train ourselves, so that we can be sure we only get sent the tenders we want to see. And we’ll get them within an hour of them being issued! Yes, boss, I said an hour. Remember how with our current service sometimes we don’t get them until days later? Well, that’s a thing of the past, just like hugging, or gatherings of over six people! 

The TenderHood is not just a tender alert service – it’s a tender matching service. Big difference. As a matter of fact, The TenderHood has a fully-featured, supplier-centric social network, with B2B relationship-building at its core! Think of it as Tinder for businesses. Access to the social network is free, so the amount of exposure our company gets is going to go through the roof! 

Boss, I gotta tell you: The TenderHood is probably the most exciting thing to happen to this industry in years. Maybe decades. It’s innovative, it’s disruptive, and it’s unique. No one else is doing anything even remotely like it.  I know you pride yourself on being ahead of the curve, boss.  So let me tell you, The TenderHood is just the thing for a forward-thinking early adopter like you!

So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how much this amazing new service will cost us:

£29.99 per month (for the entire team! – all with our own tender profiles)

I hope you appreciate the fact that I kept that breakdown short. I know how incredibly busy you are doing such a stellar job of running our company, so I didn’t want to waste any of your time. However, since I have all this extra time left over, let me say it again:

£29.99 per month (for the entire team! – all with our own tender profiles)

That’s right, boss! The TenderHood offers all their company services for one low monthly price, which is oodles lower than what we’re paying right now! No extras or hidden fees, no cancellation penalties, no funny business whatsoever. These guys are straight shooters!

Without further ado, boss, I think we should sign up for The TenderHood right now, today, and cancel our other tender alert services. We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

Here’s where you sign up:

Your devoted employee

So, what are you waiting for? Give your boss a nudge!