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How to sign up

And now in English

  1. In the top right hand corner of the site (or in the hamburger menu on mobile), click the Sign Up button.
  2. Enter your work email address, this will also act as your username when logging into the site.
  3. Enter a strong password (we recommend passwordsgenerator.net), please do not use your name, or anything obvious.
  4. Enter your first and last names.
  5. Enter a nickname, this is what people will know you as in the pub (we are a friendly bunch after all).
  6. Tick the captcha box to prove you are not a robot (these are not our kind of robots, but we do love robots).
  7. Click the confirm button.
  8. Yeah it really is as simple as that, now you just need to login.

Any other questions?

Is it really free?

YES, our supplier social network (the pub) is FREE and always will be.

Is there a separate sign up to receive tenders?

YES, our tender matching service is a paid service. You don’t need to sign up on the site again, but you do need to provide your billing details. So actually, kind of NO, but YES.

Is this sign up secure?

ABSOLUTELY, our entire site is encrypted via SSL (look for the little padlock in the address bar top left)

Can I cancel at anytime?

YES, users have full control over their account and can cancel at anytime. This also includes the paid tender matching service, we only want happy customers.

Will you keep my data?

Only if you are comfortable. We are fully GDPR compliant which means we only store the data absolutely necessary for us to operate our service. You can request all of your data to be removed at any time.

Will you SPAM me?

DEFINITELY NOT – Nothing else to say there, we will not annoy you, and you have full control over what you want to receive. Our tender matching service also gives you the option to choose which day and at which time you wish to be notified of a tender match.


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