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How to convince your boss

And now in English

  1. Click on the Convince your boss link in the main footer of the site under tenders.
  2. Click on the Go on, download me! link under the PDF icon.
  3. Save the document to a safe location you will remember.
  4. Go back to the convince your boss page on the site and copy the message text (Mac = Command + C, Windows = Control + C).
  5. Go to your email client (e.g. Gmail) and paste the text into the body of the email (Mac = Command + V, Windows = Control + V)
  6. Enter your boss’s email address and give it a nice catch subject (We suggest – Hello Awesome Boss – Check out this awesome tender matching service)
  7. Just for backup lets also attach the pdf you downloaded in steps 2-3.
  8. Boom, hit send and lets see if she is the great boss you hope she is.
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