Creating a Community for SME Suppliers

Our Story

Incorporated in 2020, The TenderHood qualifies as a small enterprise as well as a proudly self-funded start-up. Just four souls, with diverse backgrounds, on a mission to help other small businesses in the UK win public sector tenders through improved social connections and technology.

Founded by Dave Thomson, the former Head of Development at Proactis for over 13 years, Dave decided to venture out on his own. His goal? To shake up the public procurement industry by using technology (instead of people) to develop a more accurate and user-friendly tender alert service. Now called The TenderHood, we playfully refer to it as “Tinder for Tenders” because it actually matches published tenders to your business profile. And the more you use it, the smarter it gets in delivering the kind of tenders you “like” and are more apt to win.

The TenderHood used to be called BeaverBids

Like most start-ups, our business looks a bit different than it did when we began this journey. Dave moved from the UK to Canada and started developing his original tender alert service as Beaver Bids.

The term “busy as beaver” applies to Dave, so it seemed appropriate at the time. He’s a bit of a serial entrepreneur, which means he’s got a lot of great ideas and knows how to network to make them a reality. While developing Beaver Bids, he founded another business called The Hub South Shore, a co-working space where self-employed and business professionals could network and meet like-minded people.

With a penchant for building a similar community online, Dave sought out team members for Beaver Bids who had a like-minded entrepreneurial spirit and complemented his own skill set. Enter Andy Groat, Bill Kowalski and Mo Devereaux. Together they re-branded the business to “The TenderHood” and the notion of “AndyBot” was born (a nod to Andy’s outstanding programming endeavours). Bill has since moved on, but new kid on the block Chris Berkeley has jumped on board and the team is rocking.


Our Mission

Providing integrated, technology-driven, online tools that help small businesses win a bigger share of the public procurement pie.

Our Vision

A supplier-centric, on-line Community (“The TenderHood”) matching small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) with opportunities to win new business in the Public (government) Sector.

Our Plan

To build the best tender matching service in the UK (and probably the world) so that Suppliers don’t have to sign up for multiple services to identify that “missed opportunity”.

We want to eliminate the expensive and time-consuming approach to finding meaningful business. Let us help you access the community and connections you need to bid on the tenders you can actually win.

Our Team

Dave Thomson

Dave Thomson Founder of The TenderHood
Founder / CEO

A developer for over 15 years, Dave has started multiple businesses, including a co-working space and his own boutique web design agency. As CEO, Dave wears many hats.

Andy Groat

Andy Groat Chief Technical Officer of The TenderHood

A programmer in the truest sense of the word. Andy is in charge of our machine learning and cloud infrastructure, and we even named AndyBot after him.

Mo Devereaux

Mo Devereaux Head of Strategy at The TenderHood
Head of Business Development

With a rich background in startups and business development, Mo is responsible for our marketing and business strategy. Mo also keeps Dave real and in the moment (not just in the next big idea).

Chris Berkeley

Senior Developer
robot 5

Programming video games for over 10 years, Chris is the new wizkid on the block building APIs, integrations and all kinds of cool data stuff.

Our Values

Our actions and culture are guided by four core values. Here are the not-so-secret ingredients that help us make magic happen:


Everything we do is simple. We are not trying to build every online procurement tool for the industry.  We just want to create a thriving community that supports the ability to bid on and win government tenders.

Our payment structure is simple too: a single plan for multiple users, and a social network that is always free.


We have absolutely nothing to hide. No hidden costs. No “gotch-yas”. Our mission is clear: we want like-minded companies to help us turn our shared passion into a tangible goal that ultimately helps SMEs (like us) win more government business.

No Road Blocks

We don’t believe in creating obstacles to success.  There are enough of those in public procurement already!  We will always try to eliminate road blocks for our customers, like offering simple flexible pricing models, tender search techniques, and easier access to information that supports your business objectives.


We have absolutely no fear of taking on the big boys. Like our customers, we are an SME. And we’re using technology to punch above our fighting weight. We’re willing to roll our sleeves up and get in the fight. We’ve got your back!

Our Culture

people in the sun

Our corporate culture at The TenderHood is simple – we put our people first. Our team is made up of smart people who respect one another and support each other no matter what.

Our company has four founding partners who all have skin in the game and a huge drive to succeed. We are all smart, but at the core, we are simply good people.

We are no different with our customers.  We love working with good, honest people who want to make a difference. We will do everything we can to support your efforts to win new business.  In return, we expect you to turn up and be the best version of yourself.

The TenderHood Inc.
BN 3340806
64 Maple Street
Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
Canada B0J 2E0.