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Tired of spending time and money on tenders you don't win?

The TenderHood matches suppliers with the right opportunity...
Levelling the playing field for SMEs trying to win in the public sector.

Tender Matching

Bid on the RIGHT tender

We aggregate tender information from multiple sources, including future opportunities, current opportunities and historical awards, and deliver it customized to you based on your company’s strategy, historical track record and patterns of behaviour.


Win without even bidding

The Pub is your networking hub – where connections are made and opportunities are shared. Our collaborative online tool is fully loaded and solely dedicated to SME public sector suppliers, allowing them to communicate and exchange information with other suppliers and buyers.


Build a winning strategy

We use artificial intelligence called “AndyBot”. Train him to find tenders that your competitors have won, follow tenders that have already been awarded to prepare for future contracts, identify subcontracting opportunities. The more you use AndyBot, the smarter he gets.

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Searches

Unlimited Leads

Leave anytime

The Map represents our supplier-focused Community. Each location offers the tools you need to identify and win business, all under one roof!

The TenderHood Map

Your Journey Starts Here

The help you need, when you need it. How-to videos, FAQs and a Glossary to help you navigate your way to winning tenders.

The MAGIC Happens Here

Create “Scouting Profiles” that train AndyBot to find tenders that match your search strategy – the more you train him, the smarter he gets.

Connections Are Made Here

Our online network of buyer and supplier contacts. Connect, explore, share knowledge, collaborate to identify opportunities and build relationships.

Stay In The Know Here

Newsworthy items, blogs relevant to small business and informative links to content that can impact your business.

Start Winning New Business

All of your customized search results on a single dashboard.  Match the tenders that meet your goals and move them through the pipeline.

Position yourself on our Playing Field to win!

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